In 1832, just 2 years after mediaeval town wall was removed between the Neumarkt (trans. New Market) and the Kornmarkt (trans. Corn Market) a long-established Limburg family constructed the Preussischer Hof (trans. Prussian Court). An exceedingly noble hotel considering the standards at that time - Limburg had no more than 3000 inhabitants.

The French name "Hôtel de Prusse" made the standard of the esteemed house quite evident for international guests.

IN the following years the neo-classical archetype building went through various structural changes and changed owners several times. However its specific function as a hotel has always remained.

Today's DOM Hotel LIMBURG, whose Restaurant de Prusse brings memories of glamorous times, feels committed to the long tradition of the house.

Dom Hotel Limburg 1880Dom Hotel Limburg 1955Dom Hotel Limburg